Supermodels in Crochet


This image of Gigi Hadid wearing a crochet cardigan and scarf sent my facebook feed into overdrive when I posted it. I had hundreds of thousands of connections on facebook within various crochet groups and each and every one of them went crazy for this….. Not only for the style , it looks fantastic , you have to admit, But also the price!!!

Gigi Hadid wears this crochet cardigan and scarf by stylist Rosetta Getty and at a price enough to make our eyes water…. apparently she put a $1400 deposit down on this cardigan and the grand total was $2800!! NOT INCLUDING THE SCARF!!!

We as crocheters were in total disbelief and know for a fact that we are completely underselling ourselves with anything that we choose to sell that we make. Is it just a name that they pay for or do they actually appreciate the amount of work that goes into these pieces of art. Word on the grapevine parts were crocheted all over the world then pieced together …..” I ain`t got no time fo dat!” lol, make it all in 3/4 days complete and pieced together…… might end up on my summer project list but I certainly wouldn’t sell it at that price! CARAAAAZY!!!

Love Elaine x


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