Crazy for crochet


I started crocheting in the May of 2014 and have thought of a lot less crafts since then, beforehand was totally different though I had craft items coming out my ears i had so many! Contrary to popular belief crocheting isn’t just about crocheting granny blankets ( albeit theyre awesome) and it certainly isn’t just for grannies, there are so many different things that you can crochet and when you see the finished piece half the time you cannot believe that its even crocheted!! You can make bags, clothing, headwear ( famous for hats of course) the customisation with crochet is next to none and if you get a great crocheter *cough cough* you can get a really great personalised peace of work that you will treasure for as long as time allows.

I recommend crocheting to everyone, not only is it a great craft but its an awesome source of therapy. Pick up your pattern, hook and yarn and crochet all your worries away…..

Just don’t forget to feed the kids 😉 lol

Love Elaine x



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